The Dellwood/Ferguson West Florissant Business Association (DFWFBA) presents a free outdoor concert extravaganza featuring Kwame-Binea and Lydia Brittan.  The extravaganza for all to enjoy takes place at 4:30 p.m., Saturday, June 24, 2017, at the Dellwood Community Center, 10266 W. Florissant Ave., Dellwood MO 63136.

Ferguson has endured the effects of trauma, injustice, destruction and community division.  DFWFBA President Joshura Davis is bringing in this group to promote peace, togetherness, and unity within the area. The concert will join forces with law enforcement officials, dignitaries, and the Ferguson/Dellwood community.  More than two years ago, the West Florissant area made national news as citizens, outraged by the death of a young, unarmed African-American male, Michael Brown, protested by lighting fires that destroyed both commercial and personal property.  The incident incited angry crowds in communities throughout the nation.  “To show our resilience, strength, and progress, we are encouraging everyone to come out and celebrate the music of these national artists on the lawn of the Dellwood Community Center.”  Bring your lawn chairs, sun umbrellas, and open minds as we enjoy a concert to restore the brotherhood/sisterhood of Ferguson one brick and one building at a time,” said Davis.

Kwame Binea
“To me, there is nothing that brings people together more than music. Music transcends races, religions, and backgrounds. My mission through music is to start a dialogue and conversation to bring about positive change.”

Lydia Brittan
“Throughout history, The Human Rights Movement found its voice through music. The events that have unfolded in Ferguson have drawn the hearts of artists around the world to turn their craft toward strains of Peace, Love, Unity, & Equality. Only when we stand together, do we see the change that we’ve been praying for so long.”

Ferguson is moving forward and making positive strides to become a beacon of St. Louis and a model for the community and the entire world to admire and follow.